“Ollie Drezek is a powerful and passionate presence of prayer and inspiration. Whether speaking on business or spiritual topics, she deliberately motivates her audience by sharing her wealth of knowledge about spiritual laws and principles. Believing as she does that what goes around comes around, Ollie gives her all to serve and inspire others to be better and have more in all areas of their lives. She demonstrates, by sharing her own life experiences, that growth, healing and a better way are available to everyone.”
Iyanla Vanzant (Best Selling New York Times author and Spiritual Leader)


“Ollie is a natural life coach, healer, speaker and leader of love. Ollie has spent a lifetime mastering healing. Her philosophy that mental, emotional and physical healing can be facilitated through Spiritual Awakening has become a proven fact based on her own life… In her business’s Ollie brings her Spiritual perspective even to that by demonstrating that Spirit and Integrity are needed in business just as much if not more than anywhere else. To prove this fact Ollie has managed to carve out a successful and thriving real estate business in a market that society says is failing. Ollie knows otherwise.  A compassionate metaphysician, a community leader with unconditional acceptance and a conscious business woman who leads with divine intuition, Ollie Drezek is a Master Healer no matter the arena.”
Joe Williams-Nelson self made millionaire


Don’t leave Your Life To Chance…Compass Your Way.”
I have been playing with and applying this title around several areas of my life for several years now. It has inspired me and supported me in a very nurturing way. So I want to share it with you, get you excited about how if we plan, navigate and listen to ourselves we can effectively compass our way to a better way of living and life. As a Life Coach, successful business woman …. I want to share with all those who will listen to what I know for sure. One of the most important things I know for sure is to get connected to yourself and directed on the path you desire. It doesn’t take a scientist or a lab to create a new formula for you to follow. We have everything we need within us and externally to be successful in any area of our life. The question is will we participate in the biggest event of our lives? Our Life. Will we listen to our internal compass and navigate ourselves with a solid plan and support to develop who we are and what we want to be? Here at Compass Your Way that is what you will receive through our programs, free seminars and individual and group coaching. Come join me in creating a new you in a new way.